Practice Areas:

Contract Drafting

Contract Law is a focal aspect in every dispute or situation which involves opposing interests. Although such matters can originate from any area of law, it is necessary and essential that every opposing position or claim is addressed to the best interest of the person’s rights and in accordance to the law. As a matter of fact, Contract Law can be diverse and can relate not only to individuals but also to corporate entities. On the one hand Contract Law can relate to a simple one-time event, such as a contract of purchase by a private individual with regards to a property and on the other hand it can involve more complex matters seeking to regulate every party’s position and negotiations. Contract law may also involve public entities alike.

Furthermore, Contract Law includes the requirement to interpret clauses in a public contract or private writing in relation to one’s rights and obligations, which might arise out of simple or more complex scenarios. Also, Contract law involves the negotiating and drafting of contracts in situations resulting from a current dispute, even if the matter is still not referred to the Courts of Law. It is essential that any contract is drafted in a manner to tackle positively any claim or situation whilst ensuring that future claims are limited.