Practice Areas:

Employment Law

Employment Law includes an area of law which regulates employment and industrial relations, including conditions of employment and contracts of service, equal treatment at the work place, redundancies and dismissals, transfers of employees within undertakings and implementation of measures to cater for human resources.

In terms of the law it is the citizens’ right to work in an environment which promotes such conditions which guarantee such right. However, in order to ascertain that this right is recognised by the workplace, assistance may be required in order to ensure that all safeguards and rights are practised and are in place.

As a matter of fact, Employment Law is a key element which is required when drafting and negotiating an employment contract for individuals, collective agreements and service agreements in the case of self-employed individuals. Moreover, assistance may be required during dispute settlements and the drafting of termination agreements and settlements. Policy documents in line with employment principles and legislation are required at a workplace inorder to ensure a healthy working environment as envisaged by the law. Finally it should be further noted that in term of Employment Law one’s case may also be referred to litigation before the Industrial Tribunal and the Civil Courts.