Practice Areas:

Property Law

Property Law involves a widespread of areas which regulates one’s rights and obligations in virtue to propriety rights. This stream of the law not only regulates the transfer of properties, but also any right which is deemed ancillary to a property or properties. As a matter of fact, although the general conception is that property law relates to the law which regulates the transfer of a property from one party to another (examples include sale, donation etc), this area of the law also relates to other rights which are secondary (example the right of usufruct etc).

As a matter of fact, property law also regulates the exercising of one’s right on a third party property, including servitudes. Typical examples of servitudes include rights to construct apertures, right of passage and the right of altius non tollendi i.e. the right to prohibit another tenement from developing further floors. Other ancillary rights and obligations of property law, include party walls and condominium.

It is needless to say that the subject of property law is very vast and is very dependent of the circumstance of each case. For this reason, it is generally advised that guidance is sought in relation to any transaction involving the transfer of one’s property. This shall ensure that the rights of the parties involved is respected and implemented in terms of the law.